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How To Refuse A package Sent With UPS

You don't need to acknowledge conveyance of a bundle you didn't ask for and don't need. UPS gives a few choices to declining the bundle and sending it back to the shipper. Every strategy is direct and, by and large, requires little time.

Reject Delivery in Person

You can reject conveyance of the bundle in the event that you are available when the UPS driver arrives. You additionally can have another person deny the bundle for your benefit. Advise the driver that you don't need the bundle and request it to be come back to sender. You don't need to sign anything to recognize receipt or to affirm that the demand to restore the bundle was made

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Scratch off Delivery Online

On the off chance that you aren't home when the bundle arrives, the driver will leave an UPS InfoNotice to tell you about the endeavored conveyance. This notice gives access to a following area on the UPS site, where you can choose from four choices for the following conveyance endeavor. These are Will Call, Delivery to Another Address, Reschedule Delivery or Return to Sender. Select the last to keep another conveyance endeavor.

Restore a Delivered Package

On the off chance that the UPS driver does not need to get a mark for the conveyance, he will leave the bundle at your entryway in your nonattendance. Try not to open it. Rather, call UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS to tell an operator that you are denying conveyance of the bundle and wish to return it to the sender. Timetable a period for pickup. You additionally can drop off the bundle at an UPS area. You should restore the bundle the sender inside five business days or you should call the shipper for approval.

Delivery Cost

UPS does not charge an expense for returns if the bundle has not been opened. Opening it demonstrates acknowledgment and finishes the transportation procedure. UPS drivers can't acknowledge open bundles for returns. Duplicate the following number on the bundle so you can keep tabs on its development back to the sender and demonstrate you returned it.

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